Below is our planned roadmap for Dragonia. These milestones may be subject to change.
Dragon Trainer NFTs (Q2 2022)
6000 Dragon Trainers of three different elements with a mint price of 0.07 ETH (0.06 ETH for WL) will be available for minting.
Defend Dragonia (Q2 2022)
Square off against AI opponents with your deck of elemental Dragons and earn XP by winning matches.
Defend Dragonia Cosmetic NFTs (Q3 2022)
Unlock new cosmetic NFTs (card skins, board backgrounds and more) with your experience points obtained by winning matches.
Dragonia Lore Visual Novel (Q3 2022)
Dive deeper into the lore of Dragonia and earn upgrades with our visual novel, which will only be made available to holders of Trainer NFTs.
Dragonia Season 2 Rewards (Q3 2022)
Experience Season 2 and all its new rewards, aesthetics and lore.
On-Chain Stat Upgrade Event (Q3 2022)
Future events where you can spend experience points (XP) to lower your experience cooldown timer account-wide.
Holiday Event (Q4 2022)
A special holiday event that will fit the festivities!
New Gamemode (Q4 2022)
Put your skills to the test and try out a new gamemode of Defend Dragonia that requires different tactics.
New Lore, Rewards and Airdrops (Q4 2022)
More details to come.
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