After a match ends, the overall winner receives their experience points (XP). You currently earn 10 XP from winning per Trainer and there is a 24 hour cooldown.
Losing a match will not trigger the 24 hour cooldown. Whenever a player wins a match and the selected Trainer is not on cooldown, they will receive the 10 XP.
You can still play matches with the same Trainer during their 24 hour cooldown, but you will not be eligible to earn 10 XP from winning.
Season 1 rewards will each be 70 XP per tier.
  • Tier 1: 70 XP
  • Tier 2: 140 XP
  • Tier 3: 210 XP
  • (...)
XP is not a token and will not be spent when unlocking a cosmetic. Once you reach the amount of XP needed for a cosmetic it will unlock.
An unlockable playing board NFT cosmetic.
Claiming unlocked cosmetics will require you to approve an on-chain transaction. However, gameplay is completely off-chain.
The cooldown will be upgradable through future events and story updates (visual novels).
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