The lands of Dragonia have been fragmented into three main territories, each ruled by a rivaling faction. However, the factions are bound together by one singular goal: unlock the secrets of the Karox for ultimate power.
The Karox is a special orb that is infused with the power of fire, water and earth. Only those that manage to achieve the perfect balance of all three elements can activate it.
The Haven is a neutral region where all faction-wide conflict is forbidden. The mythical dragon Arel once watched over the Haven, but mysteriously vanished for unknown reasons.
The Dragonian Academy is located in the Haven. Elders of each faction teach aspiring warriors to become Trainers, harnessing their elemental powers. Some Trainers are more powerful and skilled by blood, known as Dragonborn.
Much like the three factions, there are many elemental dragons that reside in Dragonia, often forming a sacred bond with their Trainers.
Those brave enough venture into the Abyss, the unknown territories beyond the borders. Whether they were in search of glory or knowledge, many have not returned from the Abyss.

Quem | Fire

The Quem are known for their strength and formidable bravery. Eager to learn more about attaining true power, the Quem have devoted their lives to experimenting with the elements ‒ no matter the price.

Vora | Water

The Vora are remarkably intelligent and resourceful, able to create weapons and tools from scraps. Under the protection of the Dragonian seas, the Vora are fully prepared to defeat any threat.

Pyor | Earth

The Pyor are guardians of the Dragonian Hearth, a bountiful forest where many of nature’s creatures seek refuge. The Pyor use their connection with the lands to their advantage, gaining superior tactical advantage against their foes.
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