Our gameplay utilizes a simple rock-paper-scissors mechanism. There are 3 elements for Dragons: Fire, Earth and Water.
  • Fire beats Earth
  • Earth beats Water
  • Water beats Fire
Each player selects a Trainer and receives 5 random Dragon cards from their deck. At the beginning of each round, you and your opponent must each select a card to play. The cards are then revealed once both players make their selection.
The element of a Dragon card will always take priority. If both Dragons played are the same element, then the higher level card will win. Both players then each draw a card (replenishing their hand to 5 cards).
EXAMPLE: Defeating an Enemy by Element
Alice plays a Level 8 Fire Dragon, and Bob plays a Level 10 Earth Dragon. Alice wins the round since Fire always beats Earth.
EXAMPLE: Defeating an Enemy by Level
Alice plays a Level 3 Fire Dragon, and Bob plays a Level 7 Fire Dragon. Bob wins the round since Level 7 is higher than Level 3.
If the Dragon cards played are both the same element and level, then the round ends in a draw and no one receives a Dragon orb.
Scoring 2 points of each element will award a player 1 Elemental Orb (known as the Karox), and will reset the current points on the board.